West Coast Growers has developed and tested our new no-muss no-fuss automated top-feed drain to waste irrigation systems. Our Irrigation systems fit most any 2'x 4', 3'x 3', 4'x 4', 3'x 6', 2'x 8' or 4'x 8' tray.

   Each system has perfect water uniformity across each site when the appropriate pump is selected. These systems are best suited for granulate composites, coco, soilless and soil based grow mediums.

Typical top-feed drain to waste systems include
the irrigation drip emitter kit, feed reservoir, pump, timers, and drain controller.


 Kits include all the necessary hardware and drip lines to cover all sites.




Flood Table Bench

irrigation closeup crop

UNI -FLOW Drip Irrigation Kits  (Drain to Waste Kits)

  Irrigation Kits include:

  • Irrigation manifold (1)
  • 1/4" drip line
  • Hose barb fitting (1)
  • Rubber grommets
Description # of sites Recommended Pump Size Price
  2'x 4' drip manifold kit 4 to 8 250 GPH $38.95  
  3'x 3' drip manifold kit 4 to 9 350 GPH $38.95  
  4'x 4' drip manifold kit 4 to 12 500 GPH $38.95  
  2'x 8' drip manifold kit 4 to 12 700 GPH $79.95  
  3'x 6' drip manifold kit 6 to 32 900 GPH $79.95  
  4'x 8' drip manifold kit 8 to 32 1200 GPH $79.95  
  Drain Controller     $159.95  
  2x4, 3x3, 4x4 hrdwr kit     $67.95 
  3x6, 2x8, 4x8 hrdwr kit     $79.95  
  Custom Emitters (ea.)     $3.40  
  Multi-Zone Timer  6 zones, requires Hunter relay $121.95  
  Hunter Relay     $109.95  
  Air Pump  5 sizes available;   please call  888-924-4769
  Irrigation Grommets replacements Bag of 16 $14.95  

**  Pumps are not included in kit price  **

UNI -FLOW optional Hardware Kits  

  Hardware Kits include:

  • Stainless steel hose clamps (4)
  • 3/4" connection line
  • Bulkhead fitting (1)
  • 90° elbow connector (2)
  • Goofy plugs (20)
  • Drip steak basket (quantity based on manifold size)
  • Pump hose and fitting
  • 1" drain kit and hose

UNI-FLOW Accessories

  1/4" T's
  Drip steak basket
  Custom emitters
  Goofy plugs (20 per strip)





Using sleek contemporary design and many state of the art features. DIG'S new 5000-IP Series controller offers your customers true flexibility, and an exceptional value with the highest standards of quality and reliability never offered before. DIG 5000-IP series provides a sophisticated, yet easily operated AC controller.

  • Independent program start time, run time and day of the week for each valve
  • Four button with an integrated liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Easy to read AM/PM clock
  • Four start times per day, per valve for a maximum of 24 start times for all valves (irrigation mode)
  • Automatic short circuit valve detection isolates the shorted valve and continues irrigation cycle
  • Internal circuit board eliminates the need for fuses or a circuit breaker
  • Start time stacking prevents hydraulic overload
  • Watering durations from 1 second up to 12 hours in 1 second increments
  • 7 day customized programming schedule or intervals from 1 to 30 days
  • Rain delay up to 30 days with auto restart
  • Large clear display for easy programming
  • Can operate two valves at the same time
  • Waiting mode for third and fourth valves
  • Three modes: automatic, semi automatic and manual
  • One 9v alkaline battery backup to retain program memory during a power outage
  • Digital display, low battery indicator
  • Master valve remote pump start circuit, great for multiple tray irrigation schemes
  • Default program: after prolonged power interruption each station will operate for 10 minutes
  • Can be programmed under backup battery power without AC power connection
  • Can be use with a rain sensor
  • Compatible with multi-zone West Coast Growers irrigation tray networks
  • Requires relays to operate multiple pumps and or single pump start relay.
  • Compatible Hunter relay price $ 109.95 ( pre wire plugs) or upgrade to pre wire plug for $139.95.
    Hunter relays are compatible with 110V or 220V operation.

DIG Drip Controller 
(Battery Operated)

drip inline sm


DIG 6-site Drip Controller

drip3 sm