X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stands

traystand1Indoor horticulture has become one of the most quickly expanding sectors of agriculture. While it was once viewed mainly as a hobbyist market, it is rapidly expanding into the mainstream commercial market. Most of the current products are sold through a multi-tiered approach that includes manufacturers, wholesale companies and retail outlets. West Coast Growers is now selling products direct to the end user. This direct approach allows them to offer a higher quality product at a lower cost to the user while still providing the highest level of customer support.


History of the Metal Tray Stand

West Coast Growers first introduced the best-in-class dual-tube tray stand in 2004. The dual-tube design has come to symbolize the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand brand. The dual-tube configuration, consisting of a top and bottom tube, was revolutionary in 2004 and continues to be the most effective and safest way to support a grow tray. The top or upper tube, of the tray stand supports the side walls and/or fits under the flange on trays with flanges. The lower tubes are to support the underside of the tray with cross members. This unique design eliminates sagging or twisting of the tray which, even today, remains a problem with lower quality tray stands.

traystand2In 2007, West Coast Growers introduced the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand with a sloped tray design in order to reduce negative environmental impact. Although most people would never consider how a tray stand can affect a garden’s environment, the folks at West Coast Growers knew better. They learned from their customers who had gardens with top-feed or top-drip systems. Top-feed systems can have water pool in the tray and this can cause humidity issues. With the sloped tray design, pooling is eliminated and there is less likelihood of algae and/or pathogens growing. Essentially, the sloped tray design equates to a reduction in humidity related issues and less time spent cleaning the trays. The benefits of the sloped tray design increase the return on investment for the grower. This is why West Coast Growers supply their customers who are top-feed growers with Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands incorporated with the sloped tray design.

Custom Fit Tray Stands

Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands are all custom-made to fit the particular brand of tray used by the customer. A little known fact: grow trays are commonly sold under the name “4×8” or “2×4” but those numbers do not represent the tray’s actual dimensions. The dimensions are somewhat close to the names of the trays; however, each tray has slightly different dimensions depending on the manufacturer. This is why there cannot possibly be a universal tray stand. When a gardener orders a Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand, he or she provides the brand of tray being used, and the stand that is received is custom-made to fit that brand of tray. There are currently nine different trays available in the marketplace. Why would West Coast Growers go through all the trouble of providing custom tray stands for all these different trays? West Coast Growers realized that the benefits of their dual-tube design are fully achieved when the upper tubes are making contact with the tray. In other words, how can a tray stand offer full support if it isn’t even touching the side walls of the tray? The answer is simple: it can’t. Again, this is why there is no such thing as a universal tray stand. If a grower wants a tray stand that will truly fit his or her tray, the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand is the only way to go.

Form, Fit and Function

When examining a Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand it becomes apparent that the engineers at West Coast Growers take form, fit and function quite seriously in their designs. It is, after all, the close attention paid to form, fit and function that allows West Coast Growers to produce high-quality products at low, affordable prices.


Form refers to the shape, size, dimensions, mass, weight, etc. of the tray stand. The actual appearance of the tray stand itself falls into this category. As mentioned earlier, the dual-tube design has come to symbolize the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand brand. Also included in this category are the considerations taken by the manufacturer for each part of the tray stand. For example, how is the tray stand going to be boxed and shipped? How many pieces? How will it assemble? How much will it weigh?


Fit refers to the ability of a part to physically connect to or become a part of a larger part. The “fit” is where Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands really differentiate themselves from other tray stands on the market. The fact that there is a Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand to match every tray on the market proves the engineers at West Coast Growers have paid close attention to “fit”.


Function refers to the action that the part or parts are designed to perform. Function in reference to Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands is multifaceted and even addresses grow room variables such as environmental control. The main function of Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands is to give rigid support to the grow tray and prevent any sagging, twisting, or contorting of the tray in any way. When the substantial weight of the medium, the plants and the water is taken into consideration, it is of the utmost importance to have a sturdy and strong tray stand. The fact that the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand is rated for up to 1100 pounds will put even the most worrisome grower’s mind at ease. The sloped tray design took “function” of the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand to the next level. For top-feed systems, the sloped tray design has a direct impact over the room’s environment. A Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand with sloped design means the tray will drain completely and eliminate possible humidity related issues, including powdery mildew.

X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand

Over the years, West Coast Growers has made continuous improvements to their best-in-class tray stands. This year they released the pinnacle of grow tray stands: the X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand. The X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand boasts all the amazing qualities of the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit line including being made in the USA, full process powder coat tubes, guaranteed weight capacity of 1100 pounds and a lifetime guarantee. The X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand is the ultimate tray stand for the serious indoor horticulturist. What West Coast Growers has essentially done with the X-Gen is give more customizability to the gardener. They have basically designed the perfect solution for commercial growers who are looking for value without sacrificing quality. West Coast Growers have manufactured a basic structural kit that comes complete with a lifetime guarantee and is available to customers for under $178! In addition to the basic kit, a grower can purchase the following options:

Option 1 – Frame Kit Only
The grower can purchase rails, end-caps and cross members only.

Option 2 – Hardware Kit
The grower can purchase the hardware as an option or use their own hardware (or purchase it at a big box store).

Option 3 – Spacer Kit
The spacer kit allows the grower to adapt to any tray in the marketplace.

Option 4 – Leg Kit
A telescoping (that’s right, telescoping!) leg kit gives a grower the choice between two different settings. A grower can also choose sloped or non-sloped depending on if he or she has a top-feed or ebb and flow system, respectively.

Option 5 – On Board Trellis Kit
A high-quality steel trellis kit with two layers of netting included. Connects directly to the tray stand.

castorOption 6 – Wheel Kit
A grower can choose between a medium grade wheel kit or a commercial grade wheel kit with a lifetime guarantee. In addition to the five options, there is currently one accessory available for the X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand: an on board light rack. The on board light rack accessory allows the grower to hang his or her light from a metal rack which attaches to the tray stand.

Fit, Form, Function and the X-Gen

There are some differences between the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit line and the X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand. Revisiting the categories of form, fit and function will help shed some light on these differences and why they exist.

The X-Gen’s major difference in this category is, instead of having six legs; the 4×8 X-Gen model has only 4. One reason for this is that smaller shipping packages are not as much of a requirement for commercial customers so there was no need to break the X-Gen model into 6 pieces like the standard Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stands. Instead, the X-Gen model is broken into four pieces for shipping. The four leg design maintains the same weight capacity of 1100 pounds.

The X-Gen allows the customer more control over this category. One of the most requested options by West Coast Growers’ customers was to have adjustable height integrated into the Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand. The X-Gen delivers this plus other options that give a grower more control over the “fit” factor.

As with the standard Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stands, the X-Gen takes into account more than just supporting the stand, for example, the option of the sloped design for top-feed growers. The four leg design of the X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand was mentioned before in the “form” category but the four leg design serves a very important function as well. In order to cater to indoor horticulturists’ pleas for more head room, many reservoir manufacturers are designing low profile reservoirs which are wider than standard height reservoirs with the same volume capacity. With a six leg design, many of these newer reservoirs would not be as accessible to the grower. The four leg design of the X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand serves the important function of being compatible with the new reservoirs in the marketplace.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the indoor horticulture industry is heading toward the commercial sector. Gardeners are looking for high-quality products at a low cost. The X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand is of the utmost quality and starts at a price as low as $178.95. The X-Gen Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand caters to the professional grower and is specifically designed to help gardeners achieve the highest yields and biggest return on investment. All Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stands, including the X-Gen, are built in the United States and have lifetime guarantees. Other tray stands on the market are made overseas, are more expensive and have no guarantees. Although many have tried to copy, there is no substitute for the original dual-tube Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Stand. When a grower purchases a new X-Gen or the standard Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stand, he or she purchases the epitome of form, fit, and function.

Sturdy-Built Options Guide

   MSRP You Pay COMES WITH: w/Black Tray w/Low-Tide 
 2x4, 3x3 $265.00 XXX On-board Light Rack/Reservoir Rack  Not Available  Not Available
4x4 $219.95 XXX  On-board Light Rack/Reservoir Rack  Not Available  Not Available
 **3x6, 4x6 $229.95 $169.95  Not Available $269.95 NA
**2x8 $297.95 $189.95  Not Available  Not Available $299.95
**4x8 $265.95 $215.95  Not Available $358.00 $378.00
**5x10 $334.95 $312.95  Not Available  Not Available $366.95

 *All stands delivered with residential casters
 *All stands come with hardware kits
 *Stands without trays come with shipping included
 *Commercial casters add $49.95 per unit
 *On Board Trellis add $69.95 per unit

  **Prices with tray included add $250.00 shipping fee per order