Agwares, LLC Business Policies

Agwares, LLC Terms, Conditions and Returns Policy (TCR’s):

We are very proud of our ability to provide expertise and knowledge while we manufacture the best in class products in this market place both large scale and "hobby-scale'. This approach is unique to this market place and our terms are unique as well.

Engaging Agwares, LLC and its affiliate web sites, and West Coast we assume you have read the TCR’s and agree to our Terms, Conditions, and Returns Policies regardless if you had read them or not by simply engaging “us” business.

We will expect payment in full up front once the quote is accepted. We have a "no returns policy" unless the product is in some way defective. This is rare by the way. Our restocking fee is 100% if you should simply change your mind and this includes those products that have not left our loading dock or are in production. If a product we manufacture is defective in some way, we reserve the right to repair or replace it as we deem fit.

In the rare case we will accept product back, it must be of a “generic” nature and easy for us to resell. In this case, the customer will pay all related shipping/freight fees at their own expense in advance this includes out bound and inbound freight and or shipping fees.

Our lead times are always first and foremost estimates. They are influenced sometimes by third party influences, weather, mechanical failure and human issues. Because of this, in no way are lead times guaranteed. Sometimes we do expedite certain orders couple to a 30% over invoice total fee to cover transportation fees and overtime pay, again, this is paid for and agreed to in advance.

If an order is placed and additional items are added to the order after the fact, those items will either ship separately with additional shipping/freight fees or the entire ship date will be pushed to a later date to ship as one order where the freights fees will increase and or our change request fee ($100.00 per $1000.00) will apply with a start minimum of $250.00.

We do accept VISA and Master Card. The use of “credit cards” is associated with a 3.0% processing fee and applies to all credit card sales and is non-refundable. We also accept bank certified checks which if used are to be mailed over night to our PO Box. Cash is accepted at any Chase bank or at our factory. We do not accept personal checks personal. No exceptions. We do accept business checks that will hold to verify funding for seven business days. No orders will be shipped and we do not start production or related activities until the funds are verified. We also accept wire transfers as well.

If we should be "late on an order" our terms and conditions still apply. One must keep in mind that every system we ship is custom which is reflected in these Terms, Conditions and Returns Policy.


MGF: 2/11/17