The new Double Decker product line offers:
Twice the grow space
with Half the foot print.

DD room-round

Built primarily for pre-flower applications, the unique design features a adjustable lower table to maximize head room or for those who desire under-table reservoirs. All Double Decker's come with wheels and are built from white powder coated steel frames.

Light racks are available as an upgrade option that will also accept light movers.


TurnKey Systems

BOSS Grow Stands



3'x 6' Double Decker

** Flood Table Trays are not included **
Double Decker Benches & Light Racks MSRP Part Number
Double Decker 2x4 $348.95 0240-20204
Double Decker 3x3 $371.95 0240-20303
Double Decker 3x6 $498.95 0240-20306
Double Decker 4x4 $429.95 0240-20404
Double Decker 2x8 $494.95 0240-20208
Double Decker 4x8 $595.95 0240-20408
2x4, 3x3, 4x4 Light Rack $82.95 0240-40POST
2x8, 3x6, 4x8 Light Rack $145.96 0240-60POST
Double Decker Legs (4) $74.95 0240-23404
Double Decker Legs (6) $104.95 0240-26408


Double Decker with
on-board light rack

Available Now

Triple Decker
in popular sizes in 3x6, 2x8 and 4x8


Pricing with hardware and industrial caster, trays can be included for
further pricing discounts.

Inside dimension



Low tide



Low tide